Liberty Neo flashes 4 times when placed in charging case

It doesn’t turn on. And doesn’t seem to be charging. Is the battery dead?

You should try a reset and clean all the contacts (case and buds)

I think it depends on how the 4 flashes comes.

Some cases flash to show battery level and most cases will flash to show the earbuds are in charging mode.

That could go from like 2 to 4 flashes


If I put both liberty air 2 pro in case it will beep. 3 times…to show both are charging

If I have both and place one in the case the case will beep twice to show it is charging and the I place the other one in and it beeps twice again to show it is in charging mode.

So technically that would be 4 beeps and could mean working as normal if that was how they were put in.

Otherwise still so other comment.

Service@soundcore may be a good option if it in warranty.

If out of warranty that email address is still good if you can determine it is a case issue as they can sell a replacement case there (or I have seen them on Amazon as well)

It’s probably a contused case. It can get confused by debris within.

Clean the case pins and bud pins with isopropyl alcohol and leave to dry with buds out of case.

Check the case charging port for debris, remove any with plastic toothpick. Magnifying glass and flashlight helps.

Ensure you’re using a known to work USB cable and a known to work charger. What can happen is fluff gets into case port and then into the cable port and so becomes unreliable charging. If cable looks grimey clean cable end and let it dry.

Plug power into case, put buds in case, and leave it connected, wait an hour, to allow the above Cleaning to have fixed the issue.

Then while the buds in case and power still to case follow the reset instructions. A confused case will be more likely to properly reset if has power at the same time.

Good luck. The reset with power connected often does the trick.


Good one on the cord and charge… maybe I should not answer stuff half awake. Lol