Life Dot 2 True or Life A1?

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I’m stumped as to which to buy, Amazon have both on offer with only £2 difference between the two. I want some earbuds for running but not sure which ones to buy! I currently have the “Anker SoundBuds Slim Bluetooth Earphones” but find the wire and control between them really frustrating so looking to get some that fits as well in the ear but won’t fall out.

Hopefully someone has experience of these and which would be better suited?

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A1 is newer of them 2 and the major differences are:

  1. 100 hrs battery life (with case) on Life Dot 2 vs 35 hrs on A1
  2. Custom built in EQ on A1 vs nothing on Life Dot 2

Depending on what you want and need, you can choose the ones you like. I doubt IPx rating will cause you to sway too much in favor of one or other since they should be fine in light rain. Here are the differences if you didn’t check lower in the listing or it didn’t show Life Dot 2 for you:


Thank you - the Life A1 does look better on paper. Just want to make sure they fit in my ear well and don’t fall out after a little bit of movement from running :running_man:

The eartips are pretty good and they have good amount of options as well. Worst case they don’t fit you well and you have to return them. But best case, you spend some time messing with the different sizes and find the perfect ones for your ears.

Good luck and do let us know how they are.

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Great - thanks for you help. Have a great day

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They would appear to be similar fit just slightly different style earwings which might bother some. If you look at images you’ll notice. Personally I would go A1 because I like wireless charging and don’t need 100 hours since I remember to charge things often enough.

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Life A1 are excellent and on board EQ settings are great!

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A good and very helpful comparison @Shivam_Shah . I would choose A1
@seanmadle I also found some:

Maybe it will help you. Greetings :wave:

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Does one set stay in your ears better than the other?