Life p2 earbuds stop working after 4 months

I purchased the life p2 earbuds off of Amazon some time over the summer, the left ear bud works but randomly cuts out. Very disappointed with durability. I have reset the earbuds multiple times and still have issues. I use these exclusively for working from home for listening to music and make phone calls. I purchased liberty 2 as a replacement. Hopefully these last longer.

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Perhaps reach out to customer service and detail what you’ve tried. They should still be under warranty if you got them in the summer.

On a side note, I wonder if they are in need of cleaning of the charging posts and contacts, that maybe the earbuds aren’t fully charging?

Is the right one working as desired?

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You can contact for your earbuds. You have an 18 month guarantee for a replacement.

When you reset the earbuds, you did delete the connection, and turned off Bluetooth as well, reset the buds, turn on Bluetooth, and connect.

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