Life P2 Mini not supported by soundcore app?

Hi i just purchased & received my Life P2 mini from Aman serial code was verified yet i can pair the headphones with the soundcore app please help

Hello and welcome…

The life p2 mini does not have app support .

They came out with the p2 originally with no support, and the mini of the p2 with no support.

The first of the life p series with app support is the p3 when they had anc n such.

If you go to the app and do a search, you will not connect and if you hit manual setup, you will not find them in the list.

I think the magic number for price for app support may be about 70 dollars for earbuds, but speakers will have a lower price point for app support.

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As had as already been said by @Duane_Lester, they don’t have App support. You can check by clicking an the add manually in the App to see what’s supported.