Life p2 mini review

Sound quality : 8/10. The sound is very clear and the bass is legendary and the noise canceling is not the best but still better than many products I’ve used.
Sound quality per price : 9.5/10. It is without a doubt the best sound quality you can get for a budget .
Battery life : 9/10. 40 hours of battery life might seem too little but trust me it’s more than enough.
Microphone quality : 7/10. I’ve got nothing to say other that it does it’s job.
Product quality : 8/10. It is well made and doesn’t feel cheap and smells futuristic.
Packaging : 10/10. It was well packaged and very secure the only way to damage the product is by stabbing it.
Overall : 8.5/ is as good as advertised. I don’t think you can get a better product for the same price.