Life p3 early bird coupon

Has anyone received the coupon for the P3’s yet?
Hopefully I didn’t delete it by mistake?

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I think some might have but I don’t think you’re alone in not receiving since some people on the live stream said they were waiting on their codes still. Maybe give it a day or two more and then email support if still no luck?

Mine arrived a day before Launch.

It looked like a general marketing email - the voucher code only obvious if you scroll down.

Subject: We’re Ready for the All-New Life P3. Are You?

Following Image linked to amazon and with the discount code in the Text below.




Searched that phrase and searched soundcore in my email didn’t see it.:disappointed:

Only thing I can suggest us checking your order in your account on the souncore site then contacting support.

(Mine still says unfulfilled).


Good luck. I hope you either still get it or Soundcore helps you out.

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I would definitely reach out today if it expires the 19th

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After going back through my emails, I noticed I never received the loyalty code for the liberty air 2 pros either and had to email support but ended up getting nowhere from that. Gave up and just ordered them with the discount code they had for everybody at the time. :pensive::disappointed:🤷

do you have a receipt for your one dollar purchase??

@RaphStarr if you’re giving away your coupon and if you’re in the same country as @Unnamed I vote you give it to him since he bought a coupon and it just never came

Are you in the US?

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I contacted support just waiting for them to reply. @RaphStarr if you had the P3 in your Amazon cart and applied the code but didn’t check out another person wouldn’t be able to apply it on there account and check out FYI.


@Unnamed OK let me know. I have not used mine or entered it anywhere. Hopefully support can get the situation fixed for you.