Life P3i reviews by El Jefe + others

There’s some error in the specs as Amazon and Soundcore specs don’t match. Although it looks like Soundcore site is the wrong one as it says AptX so looks a copy paste error from earlier product.

I’m guessing by the El Jefe review out yesterday it’s fine now to discuss.

Been for sale since before April 14th judging by reviews which are all positive.


Will watch it later to see what’s all new! Also guessing the fact that they are available on Amazon US, it should be OK.

On USA Soundcore and Amazon

Not yet in stock UK

The USA Amazon reviews shows it’s been on sale for a while but I waited to be on sale at Soundcore before posting. As per ToS.

Looking at the chart, it would seem to be a slightly scaled down version of the P3.

I’ll check out the video later if I get a chance. Thanks for sharing! :+1:

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Will check a bit later. Thanks for sharing

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Noticed a few have put the i at the end of some of the earbuds. I need to check it out later to determine what the significant of the i.

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I doubt it’s any logic.

The review says better battery, no wireless charging, sound similar, not as good ANC, given the P3 is discounted “why bother” with P3i.

USD is unusually strong right now so thinking what I’ll get in next USA trip.

Maybe these are a line in reference to a famous Canadian author Yann Martel… he wrote the book The Life of Pi…

Hard to imagine, as we have series with XR, S and now i. Oh and the odd note through in as well.

Good to see a comparison chart, strange that across the two sites the info is amiss…🤷

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I remember movie Life of Pi

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Any update on a U.K. release for these?

I’d email them to get a date.

I looked up the factory address, was in a lockdown area briefly in May so may have been a hiccup.

Note it’s got two names, the A3993 and A3983 so may be under different names in different places, usually either USA offline clone or Japan.

Support is your best go-to.

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They just dropped on Amazon U.K.


Seems those will be available worldwide soon.

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Это очень хорошие наушники до 60$.
Буква i в названии указывает на отсутствие сенсорного управления… это очевидно.