Life Q10 problem stuck in blue light blinking

Was using it perfectly just a day ago. Today when i turned it on it didn’t make any sound but the blue light started to blink. It didn’t connect to anything but i could still see it from my phone. I tried to turn the headset off, it didn’t turn off and the light kept on blinking.

I looked up for solutions and found the factory reset one. Plugged in the headset to charge and the blue light stopped for a moment. Pushed the power and volume+ at the same time to reset it, red and blue lights blinked… And kept on blinking. I waited for a minute and it kept on going so i unplugged. The red light stopped but blue is still blinking and i still can’t turn it off. When i plug it back to charge blue light still blinks.

I tried unpairing and now it is not even in the list.

It is not turning off, not making any sound, it just blinks menacingly how do i fix this?