Life Q30 Multipoint switching delay between Mac and Android

I connect my Life Q30 to Android and Mac simultaneously using its multi point connection feature. While switching from Android to Mac, I pause the music on Android and start something on Mac. There is around a second or so of delay. But when I try to switch back to Android, there’s more than a minute of delay. Sometimes a couple of minutes. Is there any way to fix it in the upcoming firmware update?

This might actually be issue with MacOS and Android but you can reach out to and let them know about this. Reaching out to them will allow customer service to give feedback to the correct team

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Thanks. I’ve sent an email to them. Will update when they reply

I don’t own Mac but did you try changing the sequence in which you connect? Try connecting to the Mac first and then connect to Android 2nd, if you’ve not already tried.

I have Intel architecture non-Mac laptop and the connection is best if I connect laptop first.

While you are waiting for support, try turning all bluetooth off, and try turning the mac bluetooth on first, connect to it first, then turn Android on 2nd and connect to it 2nd. See if that has any affect. If not then do the opposite way around, see if any affect.

It is important to force the sequence of connection by having bluetooth off for both and turn on in sequence otherwise you’ll get a random connection sequence.

Let us know if the idea works or fails so we know for future.

If you’re wondering why this has any impact it is because multipoint in entry-level chipsets cannot switch seamlessly between different versions of bluetooth so have to connect to oldest first so the 2nd connection is forced to be same older version.

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Thanks, I’ll try this out.

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So, it’s been a while since I last messaged here. So, I tried what @The_Professor suggested and it worked to an extent. But it has worked the other way too so maybe different bluetooth versions have less to do with the issue here.

I have observed the multi-point switching for a while and I have faced the issue quite a lot of times while switching between two devices in this time. Here are some of my observations:

  • When both the devices are connected, if there’s music playing on one, and you play the music on the other one too, it won’t switch. But if you try to switch after that, it’ll start giving this delay issue. Most of the times, I have found out that it doesn’t switch at all.
  • When I’m using Spotify on my Mac with my headphones connected, sometimes, i transfer the controls to my phone and then I try to switch between devices on the headphones. In this case too, it doesn’t switch but stays on the old device.

So, what I think, the issue maybe in its functionality of locking and unlocking on a device on the basis of the feedback its receiving from the apps. If you guys have any other thoughts, do let me know in your replies

That makes sense, a connection cannot be released if a profile is active. Profile example being playing media.

The only way I see to make multipoint work better is newer chipsets, a new product. The closer you get to bluetooth the more it is hardware, not firmware, not software.

Q35 (imminent) has to be different chipset as its different codecs so it may do multipoint better. Hopefully the announcement comes with a decent review of multipoint.

There has also been a scenario where I have accidentally played music on the other device, while I’m listening to music from one device, which I then stopped and after a while, say a few minutes, I stop the music on the first device and try to connect to the 2nd device which has the music stopped. It wouldn’t connect to the 2nd device in this case either.

If they do release Q35, I hope we’ll be able to exchange it with our current model :slight_smile: