Life Q30 Sound in Right Ear ANC


I bought the Life Q30 from and it arrived 2 days ago (I’m in Ireland). I’ve noticed that if I’ve been listening for a while with the NC turned on (indoor mode), I begin to hear a loud hiss in the right ear. When I first run on the NC, with no music playing, I can hear a very low sound from both ears which I think is normal for NC. However, the sound in the right ear is much louder and only starts after a while, maybe 20mins. A restart of the headphone fixes the issue, but only for a short while. There is no issue when in Normal mode.

The soundcore app says the device’s firmware is up to date.

Is there a fix to this? Is this a hardware issue, should I be returning?

Edit: I reset the device but it actually made the problem worse. Now I get the hiss in the right ear straight away rather than after ~20mins

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Hope you will get an answer from other owners of these earphones here.
I dont have such ones.
But if these are new, there is a warranty and you can return them.
You should contact the support.
Greetings to Eire. :grinning:

I own Q30. Didn’t notice such issue. My suggestion is to contact customer serbice by email

I agree. Contact support. I got my son the q30 and do not hear that hiss

Hey, I am sorry to learn about such an issue with your Soundcore Life Q30, could you try the troubleshooting below to see if it helps at all:

  1. “Forget” the headphones in your device’s Bluetooth history.
  2. Reset the headphones by holding down MFB(power button) and V+ 5S
  3. Try these headphones with another device
  4. Try another different EQ setting via the Soundcore app to see if the bass can perform better

If troubleshooting does not fix the problem, please drop an email to "" by detailing the issue and the order#, please also let us know:

  • What is the model and OS of the device you’re connecting with?
  • What is the APP you are using? YouTube, iTunes, Spotify?

Our Soundcore technical support will take care of your case and make this thing right as soon as possible.

I had the exact same issue with a pair of q35s, exactly same description as yours. I returned them, got a new pair, and so far the new pair seem OK.
To my ears, the noise sounded like a badly soldered microphone or some other component in the analogue signal path on the pcb board.