Life Q30 uneven sound. Right speaker is louder


I just received my life Q30 today. I tested them out for several hours and overall I am pretty happy with the product. But 1 things bothers me… the right ear cup is louder than the left. The sound so appears unbalanced. It is pretty annoying after a while. Can someone help me out?

I have listened to music and podcast. I have tried different devices, but it is not helping. I don’t have any issues with other headphones.

Thanks :slight_smile:

When I take a look at my sound output I am able to adjust left and right channel.
You see here the “Balance” - > Links / Rechts
I don’t know what OS you are using, but may be you can adjust it,
like it is possible here.


yes I know. But this is also pretty annoying. When I switch my Headphones I have reset it… Do you own the Q30? Is it always like this (all Q30 are more or less like that) or is it a specific problem with mine?

I own the Q30’s and mine aren’t unbalanced volume wise right to left. Maybe try resetting them and if that doesn’t help try contacting Customer Support.

Try resetting and checking if the firmware is up to date in the firmware app. I remember people talked about this when they launched and I think it might have been a firmware fix

Firmware update was my first of the unbalanced.

I would wonder what eq that it is on.

If it seems to be an issue that is not fixed here, you can always contact