Life Q30 - which ANC profile is active when using 3.5 mm jack?

I’m just wondering which ANC profile is used when using the Q30s with cable instead of Bluetooth?
Secondly it would be great if ANC profiles could also be changed when using cable (most aircrafts do not support Bluetooth!).

Btw, the touch panel on the right headphone for transparent mode only works with Bluetooth and not when using cable?

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I’m pretty sure you can’t activate ANC when headphones are off. 3.5mm jack doesn’t turn on the headphones from my understanding (at least based on what I’ve heard about Life Q20)

You can try to manually turn on the headphones, then plug the cable in. If you hear a difference in ANC or Transparency, then you know the 3.5mm cable overrides everything (you should also hear some the headphones turn off or something in this case). If not, then you know this is the way to get ANC and Transparency working with audio cable.

You can use ANC with the 3.5 mm jack! After connecting, just press the NC button.
When you unplug the cable the headphones switch off.

My question was which ANC profile is used when using ANC with cable, not whether it works at all?

As far as I am aware, you can’t do it with the Q20s. I have tried. Interesting to hear that it might work with the Q30s, but at that point you have more knowledge of it than most of us here.

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:ok_hand:, that is how my Q30 works.

I approve this feature, ANC does work with jack for Q30.

Now the point is the headphone can’t be turned off with jack plugged in at headphone’s end, which drains the battery.