Life Q30's in wired mode

I am trying to use the Life Q30 headphones in wired mode but the sound seems pretty bad, and I can’t seem to find a way to use the EQ settings that make them sound so much better in bluetooth mode. Is there some way to do this?

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What AUX-cable and what AUX-socket do you use?
You have to know there are different types of AUX-plugs and sockets

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What do you mean by sound is pretty bad?
Sound is a bit different while wired. If you dislike it try to adjust to your personal preferences by using APP

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Follow @Chiquinho comments…

As far as the EQ, I was thinking the headset turned off in wired mode.

I’m using a standard stereo 3.5 aux cable for use with headphone jack. This has nothing to do with the type of cable.

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Too much bass, no mids and highs - sounds like listening through a blanket.

So the problem is that the app doesn’t seem to work when the headphones are connected via aux cord - only with the bluetooth connection. If there is a way to use the app with a wired connection, please tell me.


Yes, the headphone seems to turn off. I was hoping that the last EQ you used from the app would get saved in the device. This is how it works for the Soundcore Motion Plus speaker. I can switch to wired mode with the Motion Plus and the last EQ I used with bluetooth continues to affect the sound. That doesn’t seem to be the case with the Life Q30 headphones as far as I can figure out.

I use those in bluetooth mode. Tried in AUX mode just to make sure it works :grinning:
I expected last EQ settings used with APP sould be saved in headphones.

But did it? It sounds nothing like the sound quality of my EQ setting with the exact same music. I’m thinking it resets to some default setting.

Just did another test. Same music - corded vs. bluetooth. Sound is definitely different. It is clear that when corded, the Q30’s do not retain the EQ that you establish in the Soundcore App. Corded, the sound is very bass heavy and lacking in clarity in mids and highs - does not sound good at all in my opinion. I have tried now with two different aux cords, in case anyone thinks it is a cord issue (in my experience, rarely is an audio cord the issue).

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Did you adjusted EQ while using ANC? Keep in mind wired mode doesn’t support ANC

No. I haven’t been using ANC, so the EQ was done in “Normal” (No ANC) mode.

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Well, I just got an email from Anker Support that the Q30’s do not support EQ or ANC in corded mode. Not sure why that is, since the Soundcore Motion Plus Speaker will hold a custom EQ and use it for when you are playing through the Aux cord. I requested that they consider a firmware update to let the Q30’s do this, since the default sound in corded mode is pretty lousy, compared to what these things can do with some decent EQ’ing.


An interesting fact.
In my eyes there is really a need for an update of the firmware.

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It seems like it could be done, but the rep said there were no plans to do so.

I’m seeing the same problem. Anker said it was the cable, but I’ve tried 3 different ones. Same poor sound compared with Bluetooth.
They are sending me a new pair to see if they are better. Hoping so!
Bought in August but only just tried them wired. Muffled sound.

Power on the unit using the cord, but don’t connect bluetooth. U will hear a big diff

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Thanks skidoouky. It does indeed make a big difference to have the power on even when wired.