Life Q35 - Good EQ Preset (or custom EQ) for use in ANC mode?

Hey everyone!

When using my Life Q35 with ANC switched ON, I notice an EQ shift of which the bass and the overall volume is reduced by a noticeable amount. I enjoy using the Piano preset in Normal mode, so I want to know the best preset (or custom EQ) which I can use in ANC mode that compensates for the losses.

Please don’t tell me something like “everyone’s ears are different, and you may not like what I like, so find the best EQ by yourself”. Just give me what I want lmao.



I usually suggest either flat or acoustic. I did notice shift when using the signature we settings, but not so much with the aforementioned,

And yeah, I’m sure my ears are different than thine… :roll_eyes:

I’d be curious as to what you figure if you try either / both out :wink:


I would go for a Flat as well


I also really like the “acoustic” setting. Great for listening to concerts of classical music, for example.

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All right, everyone!

Okay, I’ve found a suitable EQ for myself! Feel free to use these if you like!

So, ears are like snowflakes are all different :rofl:

I am letting my son use my q35 for a bit. I am not of any help other than maybe take the piano levels and increase to compensatefor the anc in a custom eq

I’d like y’all to share your input as to which custom EQ setting (with ANC On) is best for overall balanced sound with just a small boost in bass (slightly warm sound).

Edit: I know how the EQ works, but I want someone to send me a screenshot of a custom EQ that suits my tastes. I don’t want to waste time manually trying to find the right EQ for myself. Thanks!

I don’t have the Q35’s but a lot of people like the Acoustic setting on other products.

I just always set my own EQ. The sliders on the left are for Bass. The ones in the middle are for Mid-range, and the ones of the Right are for Treble (Highs). Just try gently increasing the bands mentioned until you get a sound you like.

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I would create my “own EQ”.
Different hearing ability, different type of music -> different EQ.
May be you are lucky and this one fits exactly for you, but only “may be”. :smile:

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I don’t have Q35 so can’t help.
Anyway EQ settings are pretty individual.

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All right, I’ve found a suitable EQ for myself. Feel free to use these if you like!

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I’ll have to test, thanks for sharing.

There were a couple others that shared similar, would just need to search for Rstar and technoid I think…

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I tweaked one of RaphStarr’s EQ’s and found one for both Normal and ANC that suits myself.

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I’ll have to give that a try, thanks for sharing with us and glad you could find Raph’s custom eq settings :wink:


Try this instead. I now use this one for Normal and Raph’s for ANC.


It’s great that you’ve found an equalizer setting that works for you. They will check it with curiosity in the evening while listening to the piano music.

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This is best eq settings for me. Loud bass and balanced mid and high freq :blush:

I got almost identical settings for a “balanced” sound with touch of base.
I also made a “dynamic” variant of this with more pronounced bass and triple.

I am wondering if everyone else is deaf because any other settings are BS…hahaha
It depends on the type of music but at least out of the box these sound almost horrible…
compared to Jabra 75t with ‘my sound’ settings its day and night difference…

IF you manage to have a good custom EQ then the detail is much more. the depth is not comparable, but you need toooooo much effort!!!