Life Q35 - Switching the 3 noise cancellation modes?

I use a MacBook Pro with my Life Q35’s and I would love a way to switch between the three noise cancellation modes on the headset itself if possible. Otherwise I always need to do it through my phone. Maybe even a Soundcore for Mac app? Thanks!

Should just tap the outside of the right headphone I think. There is also a button on the bottom of the left headphone to toggle between the 3 modes.

The ANC button toggles Normal/Ambient/ANC. As does the app.

The app, and the widget, can move between ANC modes of transport/outside/indoors.

I think Soundcore got this one right. The ANC modes is a slight difference, while ANC/Normal/Ambient is major difference, so making the button for the major difference was right.

The build of the q35 is just like the Q30, literally. As @Jay1503 stated the hold on the right headphone tap will work but after you have turned them on and had an initial switched modes, I do not think they will switch between until you made the change for the first time.

The button at the bottom on the left should be the power button and the other that is like 30 or so degrees will be the mode button.

I meant Transport, Outdoor and Indoor ANC modes

Got ya…working n reading may not what I should do. Lol

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