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Hi everyone,

Over the past month, we’ve received a huge variety of stories, photos, and videos from all over the world and it’s been great to see how you’re all doing in this tough time. In this post we’re revealing the Week 3 winners, as well as letting you vote for the overall winners in each category. Choose your favorites and vote in the polls!

The user with the most votes in each category can choose to receive either a pair of Liberty 2 Pro (in black or white) or the Limited Edition Music Life version! I’ll announce the winners in next week’s Core Update :grinning:

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“Good music helps me cope with the increased stress and anxiety brought on by the current situation we are facing. Good headphone and earbud options play a major role in this. I literally use music for 90% of activities when possible. It keeps me focused and keeps the anxiety at bay so I can be a functional human being.”

Week 2: @cbsoccerguy55
“Being quarantined with 2 monsters pre-schoolers means that my Flare 2 has gotten lots of use. Whether it’s to be the source of our story time or the DJ and lighting for dance parties, it’s been a lifesaver. Its durability helps it survive the abuse they put it through. On top of that, my Liberty Neo has made working at home a lot easier since I can take the call in one ear and still hear the destruction kids.”

Week 3: @jrtigger316 receives 10 Giveaway Tickets!
“It’s amazing how people take life for granted, and with things going on, people need to stop and smell the roses rather than just pass them by.”

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Week 1: @Fuu_Bar

Week 2: @Rockon

Week 3: No photo submissions.

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Week 1 and 2: @Jerome_Concepcion

Week 3: @OliviaGeorge receives 50 Giveaway Tickets!

Good luck to everyone!


Thank You for this opportunity. I pray for this. Help me to achieve this one. I’ll make sure if I win, I will use it to continue spreading Happiness and Love to my Family, Friends and to all of you. I really pray for this one! :pray::pray::pray:

Congrats Sir @jrtigger316 , Sir @cbsoccerguy55 , Sir @EL_JEFE_REVIEWS , Sir @Fuu_bar , Sir @Rockon and Mam @OliviaGeorge

For the learnings and advices from sir @Chiquinho , Sir @Duane_Lester , sir @TechMan , Sir @jercox , Sir @ndalby , Sir @Muhammad_Master , Sir @Shenoy , Sir @Loz , Sir @Ice , Sir @element321 , Mam @Hannah and to all who gave us inspiration for this #LookUpLockDown stories journey, THANK YOU VERY MUCH! :innocent::heart_eyes:

Please Vote for me, Video Category: @Jerome_Concepcion :pray::pray::pray:Thank you :heart::heart::heart:


Congratulations @EL_JEFE_REVIEWS @cbsoccerguy55 @jrtigger316 @Fuu_bar @Rockon and @Jerome_Concepcion ! and the others who also participated, Would love to review the Liberty 2 Pro! I would appreciate it soo much if you could also vote for me… Thankyou! :blush:


Congrats to those named…weird though I thought @Chiquinho had a photo on week 3 :thinking:


I couldn’t see any pictures in the comments section of the post :thinking:


Ah, I was looking in the gallery as I saw one post mentioning they had to be posted there…my bad :raised_hands:


no worries! thanks for mentioning it :slightly_smiling_face:


didn’t you have that beach submission @ndalby , i’m sure i saw it in the gallery


Posted something like that, can’t recall if it was before / during / after / complied with the deadlines/rules etc…the day’s have a tendency to merge recently :laughing:

Was mainly @Chiquinho photo that stuck in my mind as it had lockdown or the like written into the photo…


Thanks for the chance @Hannah! I hope the community has enjoyed all of these posts. I know for me, I wouldn’t be getting through it without all of the Soundcore products I own. Good luck to everyone (but I also hope I can win :grin:)!


Congrats to all of the finalists! I regret not entering, but I still enjoyed watching and reading others submissions nonetheless.


To each and every person reading, I hope health , happiness and safety is reaching you. It was pretty cool to be even considered for this contest. I am truly humbled by this . It’s amazing how music can transport you away from life’s problems or just sweep you away for a moment or 2. It’s power is unique. Take each moment we have during these times to take a break from what’s going on in this world. My dad and aunt said it perfect when things started happening in march, “we are living life way too fast” . Stay safe and healthy everyone


i don’t think i gave you any advice nor taught you anything to be honest? :rofl::joy:


I tagged you because when you answered to some other threads, you gave some points to learn. HAHA :joy:


Congratulations to all the shortlisted finalists !!

Whether or not anyone of the finalists gets to win, each of you is already a winner for me with those wonderful videos and stories :+1:


Congrats to everyone and I hope everyone is staying safe. Life will go on at some point, whether it is tomorrow or years from now, but you and your family’s health and safety are what keeps us going strong. Boredom will be there (I for one have been going stir crazy), working remotely doesn’t allow for separation from home life, running to a store is a process in itself, but music is always there for people to raise their spirits up. Venture out into new genres, explore that album you have been meaning to listen to, check out New Music Fridays and let Spotify take you down a rabbit hole. Music will always be there, so now is the best time to enjoy it to its fullest.


From the results this looks like it’s going to be close across all categories!


Some good options here, good luck to all the participants.


Congrats to those who were named.
@Hannah what happened to those who wrote stories? I thought there was going to be a vote on that as well?