Love these glasses

I recently bought these frames and temples at a Verizon store on the weekend I walked in and I saw them I said these would be wonderful if I could add my prescription to them on a chance I purchased the glasses and ended up taking them to LensCrafters who in turn installed my prescription, so now I have regular glasses that are regular when I am inside and sunglasses when I go outside, because I had to transition lens put in, The person at LensCrafters was impressed and when I took it back to Verizon store and show them what I did they were thoroughly impressed as well. All the customers that were sitting around thought that it was cool too. So anybody that’s buying these glasses with the temples and frames, have your prescription put in if you wear a prescription, you will love it, I do.


Glad you like them.

Prescription was discussed a lot at launch.

I enjoy the lens changes as you can always change your look or whenever they start to get scratched.

Always good to hear things turned out well.

Do you have any photos you could share?

From everything I have heard about Soundcore Frames, I can see (no pun intended) that they will definitely be on my future purchase list. Great to hear that folks are having great experiences with them.


I keep my eyes on them as well.

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I’m glad you like them. Maybe once Summer rolls around, I’ll pick myself up a pair. :thinking:

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How much did they cost?

OMG I had the same idea!!! Knowing that someone else pulled it off seals the deal. I already have the Frames. I tried to do it myself but the way my glasses are you end up with 2 ‘female connections’ but taking them over to Lenscrafters (also where I got them) and having a ‘Pro’ do it never occurred to me. maybe because I thought they would think I was nuts, or just not be able to do something like that at all. If I may ask (and you can DM the answer if you want) how much did it cost for them to put the Arms on your prescription frames?

I did not notice how long it has been since the OP answered any questions, I wouldn’t have asked, lol. But for anyone who does care, I called the place where I got my glasses and they said I would need to bring them in, could not quote a price because they have no idea what is involved. Although I had an issue when trying to do it the ‘quick’ way, I believe that these can altered to have the Frames fit because the Frames have a little part, the part that goes into the Lens, which they made be able to use to make this awesome idea happen. BTW OP, I am super jealous, but also super happy that someone pulled this off! I hope it catches on…