LÜM Press (some latest events)

Some details about some of the latest events



Thx for the share

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Nice share. Thanks

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Will be nice to know if the LÜM app will be available worldwide, and also time frame for when it will be incorporated into the Soundcore app?

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The LÜM app I have it on my phone already I believe it’s worldwide did you check the App Store already ?

Not available in U.K. App Store :disappointed_relieved:

Oh no … :slightly_frowning_face:. It said worldwide on the page maybe try to download from this link ?

Unfortunately not (via iOS)

Also the website is U.S. only for reclaiming credits etc., but they will be working on that apparently.

Hopefully you can get it soon !

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Nice to see some excitement on the app… and should be 8nterest8ng how the site actually fares.

Currently the website is in beta and us only… or at least it was… maybe that’s shifted…

Good share.

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Website works, but is geared to U.S. - you can get by, but tokens need a U.S. phone to claim (they send a code which gets entered on site to claim them)

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