Many questions about "the best, optimal eq settings"

Every day there are questions for the “best eq settings” for a “special type of music”.

Let me tell you, there is absolutely NO “best setting”.
We have discussed this so often.

When I am listening to my stored recordings or to my favourite radio station I do eq changings when I think I have to.
I alter these often.
If some recordings are lacking of basses so I push these up.
The next piece has enough basses, so I decrease

I know how an orchestra has to sound when life performancing and I know I will never get such a perfect " life sound" neither with speakers nor with earbuds.
Technically impossible.

So I do those adjustments which fit for my ears and my feeling.
And these are changing often.


Pretty much my standard answer is no one can tell you what will sound best to you! I share mine now and then, but I doubt it’s much help. Just get there (EQ) and adjust until you find something you like!


Today I was playing a little bit more.
Sounds better now, but may be tomorrow I will change again. :smiley:


Let’s hope more people find your post when searching about eq settings, it would save the same question being asked over and over again.

I very rarely change the eq settings, but if I did, I would do it to suit my own taste. However, someone else’s settings may be a good starting point for me to them tweak some more.