Metallica Cancel Festival Appearance Following Positive COVID-19 Test

"Metallica have canceled their headlining slot at the Frauenfeld Rocks festival in Switzerland, which was slated for Wednesday evening (June 29). “It is with a very heavy heart that we are announcing that we will not be appearing at Frauenfeld Rocks in Switzerland today, as unfortunately, a member of the Metallica family has tested positive for Covid,” Metallica announced on social media. “We are beyond sorry to disappoint those of you planning to attend this show.”

At the end of the article is: Metallica: All Songs Ranked Worst to Best


Seems COVID returns. It upset me :pensive:

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Hope whoever it is gets better soon. Thanks for sharing.

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I’ve had a couple of things canceled as of late due to covid. Every time it feels like life is close to being back to normal covid comes back to make sure we don’t forget

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Truer words were never spoken!

PS Happy 4th of July Weekend @ktkundy! :fireworks::fireworks::fireworks: