Microphone Problem in Life P3

So I recently bought the Anker Soundcore Life P3 and I haven’t tested its microphone and when I did while using a call, I discovered that the sound is being recorded from my phone instead of the headphones itself, I tested it also on Whatsapp records and messenger but it still the same, I don’t know if my headphones has a faulty microphone or is there some sort of settings to do?
Thank you

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Go to the BT setting.

Click on the cog wheel for the p3 and make sure phone section is turned on. It may fix the issue.

I would always start the phone as well if it is a glitch in the phone.

Lastly if the first two do not work, you can lose connection, reset and reconnect

Will say apps are a little tricky on a phone as sometimes you have to set up those options

I have tried almost every settings possible and yet the microphone of the Life P3 is not here at all, feel like the headphones is ignoring the fact it has a microphone.
Connected it to different phones, it worked only once on my friends IPhone 13 and when he reconnected it again, the microphone was the same, no sound being recorded from the headphones.
P.S (My phone is Huawei Honor Play)
Tested it with (Samsung Note 20, IPhone 13, IPhone 7 plus, Oppo as well) Same results

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Contact service@soundcore.com… ir could be a setting or something else…

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Thank you, I will try to email them

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