Microphone sensitivity for Liberty 4 NC

Is there any way to increase the microphone sensitivity for the Liberty 4 NC earbuds? At the minute, in order to be heard it feels like I have to speak quite loudly (sometimes to the point of borderline raising my voice) otherwise my audio seems to either come out incredibly muffled or extremely quiet

Hi did you get any response about this problem

Hi, I have the P3 and had a similar problem.
Cleaning the microphones regularly helps a lot, as minute amounts of dust can make them very quiet.
When in a call/voice app and someone mentions the sound is muffled, even just softly blowing some air near the mics is a night and day change, the usual reaction being : “oh, now we can hear you!”.
On some occasions, such as sweat getting on the earbuds or when accidentally touching the mics while adjusting them, I’ve had to gently rub a cloth with some alcohol or contact cleaner, which won’t damage any electronics, for better results.
I’ve noticed it improves the NC, too…
Also, make sure the Bluetooth connection is somewhat stable (not out of range), keep the earbuds charged above 20%, and that HD audio is on, if available.
If the environment is noisy, there is also some noise cancellation on the mics, which can further lower the perceived volume of your voice, even though in my experience, it works really well as long as the noise is not unreasonably loud.

Has there been any resolves for this issue? Because I have also been told, due to noise suppression on my Liberty 4 NC, that when there is alot of background noise it’s hard to hear my voice.