Microsoft Surface wireless earbuds

So the new Microsoft Surface earbuds have been announced. $250, with case 24 hours battery life. They sure didn’t copy Apples design, or anyone else’s for that matter but after looking I think they should have!

The design alone will keep these from being a major success I’m sure but maybe other will like them?

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In my honest opinion, those look hideous!! I much prefer the design and subtle look of the Pro 2s compared to these. I feel like a magician tried to pull a coin out from someone’s ear and it got stuck!

Design set aside, I am interested to see what reviewers have to say about the audio quality and microphone quality. Especially at that price point.

These look more like gems.
Another way of design.
Why not, not bad, except the price!
More for ladies. :laughing:

Hope those “gems” got some sound by the way! :wink:

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Man those are ugly. Wow

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Ugly yes, but from a practical standpoint with touch controls I dig it. With a larger surface area and gestures one could very well control everything right from the earbuds. Swipe, slide tap and bam spotify is opened. Swirl my finger up and volume increases or down to lower it. Imagine the possibilities given the pad size


I like the hidden types more than revealing and stand out kind …

What are the odds that any good functionality would be on iOS :joy:

Touch controls make it worthy for a try ! plus it doubles as an ear ring :smiley: for anyone :point_down:


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Looks like someone gaged their ear hole and not the actual ear to me.

The surface can be covered with diamonds!
Luxury edition! -> 10.000 bucks.
But don’t loose it!..hehehe!


Ugly and bulky.

The features are cool but not worth $250.

Wow, just when I thought Microsoft were improving on things :open_mouth:

Wonder if this woman was sat across from the engineer as he was thinking of the groundbreaking design :grin:


May be these new designed buds got an incredible sound.
But as far I remember Microsoft’s inventions and innovations they wont. :wink:

They released a luxury edition. 18ct!

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I am not sure about the ‘pop socket’ in my ears look, but I am interested to see what people think. I have come to find that when the device manufacturers make earbuds they fall short. AirPods don’t work well for me at all, Galaxy Buds were meh, and so on.

I don’t want to pre-doom these, I just see a hefty price, really wonky aesthetic design and the name Microsoft behind them… I am skeptically intrigued. :laughing:

Oh my!!! First think I thought was ear rings. I am 40+ and feel that I can understand why people do different things but never understood that trend.

Lol. I think I have found their next design option.