mini 3 pro soundcore

Not easy to pair the speakers.
Thumbs are tired pushing the buttons to pair.
Takes 5 to 10 minutes to pair.
Then the sound cuts in and out between speakers.

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I’d suggest that if you are trying to pair two, that you check to see if both are trying to connect to your device (phone or tablet)

I have found with mine. edited flare two minis…, as long as only one is showing on the blue tooth devices list, it is actually not so onerous.

My flare 2 minis actually remember to each other when i turn them both on, but only the one connects to my tablet (iOS)

That maybe why you are having cutouts, as they are competing to connect to each other, but also want to connect both at the same time to your device…

Good luck, let us know what transpires…

Something similar.

Try this

Lose all connections to phone as precaution
Turn off bt on phone and turn off phone
Turn off speakers after resetting them
Turn on phone and Bluetooth
Turn on one speaker and connect phone to device
Hit the device pairing button
Turn on second speaker and put in pairing mode

Although not as great at it either, I do know the main one will blink at one speed and the second will kinda blink at a different speed (slower or faster)…or that is what I an remembering