Motion boom tuning on by itself

Motion boom tuning on and off by itself , sometimes it turn on only & don’t turn off .
I had disassembled it and discount the power on , it still turn on my itself
I don’t know what’s going on can someone help me

May be the controller of the battery or the battery is defective.
You should check that.
This has nothing to to with the on/off-switch so far.

So you think that the issues is with battery or battery connector.
Turn on & off by itself can happen with battery problems

So if the issue is with where can i find a battery replacement .?
& If it is with battery connector how can i fix it ?

This is a video to show the problem

There are many videos around to check the controller and the battery.
You if the “check” of the ON/OFF switch hasnt helped you out of the issue you must do a deeper research, if you are a skilled “tinkerer” :grin:

Of course the batteries can be replaced.
A little bit of soldering may be done.

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I would suggest to contact customer service by email and ask about replacement battery availability.

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