Motion + Motion Boom Fusion

I wonder if there is an opportunity to turn the benefits of a finished speaker into a product for the future.
I imagined 2 woofers + 2 tweeters,
75mm subwoofer that is guaranteed for strong and deep bass.
Bluetooth 5.0+ APTX

Priced at $ 150/200, that’s why I think many of them would buy it myself.

Ask soundcore if there is such a project in the future. :smile:

Here we don’t know, we are not involved in their projects at all.
Seems they are more in the earbuds now, because the number of types and models was increasing enormously the last months.

You could always ask for it by contacting The worse the can do is consider it. I figure it would also depend on the sale value of similar products n such.

OK, everyone can see how much business there is now for TWS earphones, but I think you shouldn’t forget about the speakers either.
Motion+ is true to be a very good speaker, but it’s not a modern one, and it has one big flaw: it can’t go deep enough for today’s modern music (let’s say EDM). The Boom is a newer product, it can sound energetic enough, but it lacks the musicality (and codec support: aptX) of the Motion+.
On top of all that, we now have the Mifa Wildbox. There’s no app for it, but it sounds pretty good without it (it can go deeper than the Boom, which is a big word).
It has an aux input (I don’t know why it had to be removed from the Boom) and can even play music from an SD card.
I think the challenge is done. I think it might be time for Soundcore to step in.

Some need basses, others not.
Some like EDM others not. :smile:

So everyone can decide what he wants to acquire for his special needs.
I have the Motion + and I am very happy with it.
Haven’t tested the boom.

And never forget the hearing ability and the feeling about music differs a lot from person to person.

But, from what is there, you can take it back (thanks for the good app → custom EQ), while from what is not you cannot make up for it. I hope you understand what I would like to say.
Basically, I don’t listen to EDM either, but for example, I’m used to soundtracks (Hans Zimmer) where I often feel the Motion+ a little weak.