Motion Plus Aux problem

When playing an mp3 player through the aux connection the music stops periodically, (every 4 or 5 minutes), for about 10 seconds then resumes at much lower volume. Any advice on cause and fix?

I don’t have Motion+ but my suggestion would be to try another player/phone to make sure the problem is about your speaker.

I assume you are using MS-OS (WIN).
Does the same happen if you are using another device?
It should not be a faulty cable so far.
I would take a look at the driver of your sound card and install the newest version.
This could help.

Hi, I noticed the Motion was paired to my phone which was not near the player. When I unpaired Motion from my phone the music pauses stopped. Issue resolved. Thanks for your reply.

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Glad the issue resolved

Alles klar!
Simple fault, simple solution.!:laughing: