Movie about Ludwig van Beethoven

We are talking about films and music.
Here is another one, which may be not known.
I love it,
because it might give some insights of
Ludwig van Beethoven’s character, behaviors and manners. :laughing:

And of course its pure live music!
And you get in touch with Ferdinand Ries, Beethoven’s adlatus.
He became a famous composer as well.
Of course not so well know as his teacher. :grinning:


There was a time if you didn’t own his complete Symphony collection you were not really into music.


I suppose its still the time, but many don’t know. :smile:


Very nice post and at the same time I was thinking of an idea as well.


I know you make mention the new music on here. So, I was thinking you could present a thread ever so often with some of the classical music.


I could if there is really an interest! :grinning:
But what I see here so far :
All are in those “old bands” from my youth.
The revival of a revival! :rofl:


I liked this movie about Beethoven the most:
“Copying Beethoven”


I’m sure it was tried and didn’t gather much interest.

Beethoven, I listened a lot when memorising my notes for my first degree. Needless to say I got 1st Class.

Those who listened to rock music often needed to re-sit their exam.

Nice, I have the box set (Albums) of all his Symphonies in mint condition. I’ll take a picture and post it when I get a chance.


I quite enjoy his music, and will have to check into the movie. Sounds interesting.


I had a boxed set of CD but I’ve moved fully digital and everything is MP3 now. Phone has 256GB storage.

If you listen often enough the music ends up within and you can stop listening to the real thing. A parallel is with Beethoven who lost hearing and heard in his mind.

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The next you could do, get the piano sonatas.
There is a fantastic recording of all sonatas interpreted by Friedrich Gulda (RIP)
Some examples can be found at YT.