Movies that are musical in nature

My wife was watching Mama Mia today. So it got me thinking about what are some of your favorite music themed movies.

There been several that has been out now such as :

Little shop of horrors
Rocky horror picture song
Greatest showman


I don’t love either category that much, so unlikely to even know when they cross over.

I do occasionally like songs from one or the other. And the sound of music is a classic.

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I personally Love "Psych “The Musical”!!! Show is Hella cool!!!

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I didn’t know that the greatest showman was based on a musical it’s a good movie in my opinion. Not sure if the film version of les miserable counts but that was good. So was hairspray the movie and I’m pretty sure that’s from a musical same with sound of music. Not sure if all these count but they are the ones I can come up with right now with my tired mind

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I have corrected it. There are not necessarily musical but music based. You also have a bunch of movies based on musicians as well

@DirtyD4, you have become a favorite to me now. Lol.

Psych is one of my favorite show with its comedy, and references to the 1980s. Psych the musical is good.

Hey @Duane_Lester
There are so many good musicals/music based movies.
As a household our favorite is Mary Poppins, which is what Charlie named our Robovac :sunglasses:



Awesome movie from when I was a kid as well. It helps the first music movie seen to go down In a most delightful way. :wink:

The sound of music was also good back then as well.

Was about to forget that Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory (1971 version) was a good one as well

Les Miserables is excelent movie

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Dont for get “The Bluesbrothers”

This is absolutely my favorite!

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Good one as well. I about forgot it.

And there is one you might not know.

Its worth to watch it.
Beautiful story and great music.


Seen the pic of the girl but did not see the movie.

I remember this movie (Amadeus) but did not watch as it more silly than serious on the previews

This is one of my favorite fiction books👍🏻.

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The book is even better than the movie

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My favorite music based movie is Almost Famous. It has a great soundtrack.