Music from the movie "Barry Lyndon"

Beautiful, classical music from an old and very good film by Stanley Kubrick.
I know it’s @Chiquinho favorite movie.
I thought it would be a perfect musical gift for him to listen to music in the evening :slightly_smiling_face:.
I especially liked the cellist’s playing - see what his fingers are doing and hear what the cello sounds (39.57 seconds in the video) :clap:.


Thank you for this “great donation”.
I love Stanley Kubrick (RIP) and his films.

Of course I stored it on my eternal playlist! :smile:
Great find!

Do you know the movie?


You flew me this movie last spring.
It lasts 3 hours - I watched half of it.
I remember enjoying it, but forgot to finish watching it later.
Please forgive me 🥲.


I know that’s not a normal movie.
If you watch it, think first about the scenery : mostly like “paintings”,
then the fitting “music” and the action at last.
The scenery, when only candles were used to illuminate.
(When they were playing cards)

That’s more a like a fantastic composition.
I would call it real “synthesis of arts”.

Same as other films from Stanley.
Not easy to explain, I know.


Nice. Thanks


Thanks for sharing this. When I see Stanley Kubrick, A Clockwork Orange always comes to mind! :+1:




This movie was a shock for those times.
I have seen it so often.


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Sadly the content has regional restrictions, so alas, cannot view atm.

Will check the tube and see if I can find alternate… perhaps this one…

Too bad I cannot the initial recording, as the cello is haunting and very good.

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@TheSnarkyOne These regional restrictions are strange.
Thank you for finding a similar video :slightly_smiling_face:.

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Arte is based out of France I believe, so makes sense.

But seems short sighted to limit market exposure…