Music & YouTube With Crew 54 | #SoundcoreSundays

After their energy filled #SoundcoreSessions we caught up with Eric and G aka Crew 54 for a chat about their life in the music world and how they came to meet. Eric also gives us an insight into his YouTube channel and his journey in the tech world.

If you caught their live performance you’ll know how much energy and fun these guys have, so make sure you check it out and let us know what you think!

For those without a subscription service - Listen Here


Find more on their website here


I’ll give it a listen

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I caught part of their Livestream so I will definitely have to give this a listen

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Sounds like you all had fun, thanks.

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Very informative session it feels like. I remember El Jefe talking about his Youtube journey as well where he had to figure out how to get views and what not

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This is a good podcast!

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Well, I been getting behind on the podcasts…