My LAST Amazon Live Stream - Tonight - 8pm ET

Hi Everyone -

Thought I’d post one last Amazon Live Stream on here… which will be my last Amazon Live as the Anker Host.

In case you missed it, we’ve got three capable (rookies) in the wings waiting to take over starting next week.

Anyway - pop on in tonight at 8pm ET - I’ll have 5 or 6 guests popping in throughout the night.

Hope to see you there @Duane_Lester, @TheSnarkyOne, @ktkundy, @Shenoy, @TechMan



Trying to get live stream launched, but having issues :roll_eyes:

Will keep trying @SoundcoreAdam otherwise been good…. Take care.

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Unfortunately I just saw the post. It’s probably over by now.

PS I hope all is well Snarky. Good to see you again.

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Well I caught about the last 1.5 hours. Was good to see a few familiar faces. :+1:

@SoundcoreAdam - i just saw the email, very late, hope we get to connect / interact over the community!

May be some of us should write
the “last comment” at this
totally neglected and dead forum as well. :laughing:


It’s really too bad that Soundcore has seemingly abandoned this forum. :frowning_face:


That’s not our fault.
We did a lot for them here.
But now we are totally “sorted out”.

if you want you could write me a pm, so we can keep contact.
“Old connoisseurs” of music. :smile:

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Sounds like a plan @Chiquinho . :+1:

It was really great to make the stream and see some familiar names! Thanks Adam for all the great streams you have done. You will be missed! I hope you’ll still share your cool fireworks with us and check in from time to time.

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It was great to see you there Steve!

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It was great to see you there as well!

Appreciate the last invite but I keep you saved on a timer each week see what is new or just to help if I could at times. As @ktkundy said you will be missed on the stream.

We will probably still “see” you as I think I have seen Sean in a couple of Instagram posts videos… but I figure we will most likely not get to see those shirts though in other videos of you :rofl:

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