My Life Q30 switches between NC and Transparency modes automatically

I bought my headphone this week and everything is great, except one issue. Whenever I go out for a walk and turn NC on on Soundcore app, my Q30 headphones switch to Transparency mode when a loud car passes by me. And then, it switches back to NC outdoor on its own. Have anyone else encountered this issue? How can I fix this?


I am taking a guess. Do you have long hair?

My only thought is car is blowing your hair and your hair is hitting the touch function to change mode.

Other than that no guess

No, I don’t…

My hair is not that long.

That doesn’t happen on mine.

I’ve had Q30 for 2 years and never experienced that.


I’d immediately replace under warranty.

Hello hyoanbyk,

My Life Q30 has the same problem. It is switching between transparency and NC mode by itself. I could not identify the cause:worried:

same problem right here just bought it yesterday

i have the same problem , and i have identified the cause, but i don’t seem to find any solution, i don’t know if it can be fixed with a software update.
This problem only happens when i am near a signal tour , so whenever this happens look around for a signal tour , and try to cover the right ear with your hand without actually touching the headphones, this is the only temporary fix , and it’s really annoying to me, i hope anker does a software fix , because i really like the headphones

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I’m experiencing same issue with mine. Started noticing it a week after purchase. I hope there’s be a firmware update to fixing it.

I have the same problem

I have the same problem. It makes them more or less unusable:(

I’ve had the same issue with mine since I bought them in March 23, at the time I thought I was some how touching the button but it happens randomly. Very annoying, would be good if you could lock the mode on the app whilst using them.