My r50i both cant paired at the same time its like different device

My r50i can’t connect to the same phone at the same time if the Right can connect did the left one can’t and the other way around send help please

Delete all pairings noting you’ve got the L and R and the pair to delete.

Reset the buds.

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Properly work both earbuds this method ?
Please reply brother

My r50i when i connected that time if any incomings call i pickup phone but my device not connected can solve this problem ?

Same problem here. I did the unpair then pair method. Also, i already reset my network but still

Unpair buds to your phone. Put them back to the case and reset(To reset, get buds from the case then press and hold both buds at the same time for 10 secs. or until you hear notification).

After that try to pair buds to your device. Let me know it this works.

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