My soundcore headphones like thump?

I have had the soundcore headphones for a while and I absolutely love them! But, I’ve noticed one thing that drives me absolutely insane. If I’m sleeping with noise cancellation on, whatever ear I’m laying on starts to thump, really loudly and I usually have to sleep in odd positions to get it to stop. I use the headphones mainly for the noise cancellation. Is anyone else having these issues? And is there a way to stop it? (I used to have the apple airpod maxes and they didn’t have this issue, idk if its just the way the headphones are or if its my headphones in particular)

It is probably just you and not the headphones.

You have isolated your ear in a an earcup that is putting more pressure on it. You also have that NC that eliminate some noises. You should be able to hear your heartbeat from it. (Thumping)

I can put just my hand and press against my ear and can hear it. My guess is your ear is losing some blood flow that may be causing the ear to hear the heartbeat louder

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Alright, one is is my friend has the same headphones and it happens to her. Unless my heartbeat is like 1k bps, I highly doubt it’s my heartbeat :joy: But, I appreciate the help anyway!

I have the same issue. I only use them when I travel. This did not happen when I was on a trip in October. It just started when I tried to sleep last night. It’s exactly what was described by the person who posted. I tried switching left earphone to right ear; tried sleeping on different sides. The thumping wouldn’t always start immediately, but would quickly go from a quiet thump to a very loud one as the weight/pressure of my head increased. I had a really hard time finding a position that wouldn’t create the thump - basically nearly face down.
What could possibly be happening and how to prevent it? I need help because my husband snores so loud!