My Soundcore Vortex headphones are acting weird

Only the speaker on the right works when it’s connected to Bluetooth. And the left speaker works when it’s connected via cord. I was wearing them out in the cold but that shouldn’t be a problem right?

How cold was it? If it was really cold than that could be the issue, but normal temperatures for North America for this Time of the year wouldn’t be an issue.

This sounds like a hardware issue, which means no reset or anything will fix it.

I would contact support a

If they’re still under the 18 months warranty then you’re in luck- I’m sure they will help you out no problem.

Good luck getting your issue resolved!

It was during February of this year, and it was quite cold, could I take them apart to maybe fix them?

Oh okay. When did you purchase them?

I don’t know when they were purchased I got them for Christmas

Prefect. That means that they’re still under warranty. Since soundcore never mentioned anything about operating temperatures in the description, that means that this is not user error.

I highly recommend contacting the soundcore support team. They’re super awesome and love helping out. They’re the pride of anker.

I don’t recommend taking them apart, as that voids the warranty.

Ah ok, I guess I should have mentioned this too, I was trying somethings to make it work and when I connected it via cord, and then started charging them at the same time (which was probably not a good idea) both the speakers worked

Always use a warranty where available. I would not think cold is your culprit simply because it is different sides acting up during hardline and bluetooth usage. I believe cold would be more along the ways of one side never works while the other does.

That’s not a problem at all- it won’t harm the headset

Does it work if you just use the auxiliary cable to connect them to your phone?

Only the left side but yeah it kinda works

That’s really weird. You can check the user manual (if you still have it) for a reset method- it may or may not have one. I don’t think this will fix your issue, but there’s a chance.

I still recommend contacting support, and leave them all the details. Possible even provide a link to this post.

From everything you’ve said it still sounds like your headset is under warranty, and therefore they should
Make everything right.

Make sure you include that it was a gift, the serial number, and all the details regarding the issue, and how it started.

Again, good luck! Let me know if you have any further questions!

Thanks for the help :slight_smile:

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No problem- glad to be of help!

If you have any more questions regarding any soundcore products, don’t hesitate to reach out here on the community! I’ve I’m not on at that time, there are so many members who love to help!