My Video Review of the Life A2 ANC+ in ear headphones.

Just finished editing my review - done a little different.

I found they worked well and were comfortable.
Perhaps later I make compare, with P3s, but others have already done this.

I found the ANC very good - I spent an hour sat in a coffee shop near an open door The shop and road noise was gone. The sound quality was good even though it was AAC and not a higher quality codec.

The key selling point for me is the amazing battery life.

I think they will be the ones I use outdoors or when travelling.

The only slightly negative comment being that they are not suitable for sleeping with them in.


A nice review. A different kind of review but good information.

Appreciate the review.

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Nice review. I’m finishing up my testing now.

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Great review, very different.

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Nice review. Thanks for sharing


Nicely done. Thanks for the share! :+1:

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Refreshing change for style of review, nicely done.

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