My voice for the best )

@zhukafer its th best intro what i see before…

Remind me again who argued there’s no harm in points for new threads? I think it was @Duane_Lester in response to @jercox

Not creating a new thread to discuss it. That just ruins it for everyone unless you’re seeking a leaderboard, that is…

@Logically I don’t think thread was created for points. I think it’s a new member that tried to replay but created thread.

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What does this have to do with this thread?

If you look at it, this is somebody who created a thread instead of replying to the core update comment to give their recommendation to who should win the unboxing competition. This happens all the time and this will happen again with or without points as they are new.

Please show me how this is a response to the leaderboard? Now this person has 5 points instead of 2 due their mistake.

I think what I said that if they changed the leaderboad that the thread points would be moot and I did not care one way or another. I think I stated that I agreed and I suggested to use comments.

I have a better chance to argue this is a second account (which it is not) than this is a leaderboard thread.

@1117308. Please do a reply than create a thread.

Closing thread

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