Need Help on Soundcore Motion+ Battery

Hi, just got this amazing speaker, and maybe any long time user can help me about the battery

  1. Which connection that will drain more battery on Motion +, bluetooth or aux, or are they just about the same on battery consumption?
  2. Let say the battery level is 20%, can I just plug it to wall charger and keep it charged until 80% and then unplug it, and so on?

Thanks in advance

I would say bt.
This means the speakers and the bt-module takes energy.
You can do a testing.

BT will drain more.

Thank you for the answers :):slightly_smiling_face:
I guess maybe for the 2nd answer, I need to contact Anker Support directly :sweat_smile:

If you are at all worried about battery life just use / buy a large Powercore and keep it plugged in.

You seem to be worried about wearing out the battery within the Motion+ by not emptying not filling it? Well chances are your use of the Motion+ will stop before the battery is old. If you’re worried then connect a Powercore continuously so the Powercore’s battery ages and the Motion+ battery doesn’t age as the battery is never given any work to do - it is constantly connected to battery, and then the small amount of time you don’t want the Powercore connected then those times you are wearing out the Motion+ battery.

I think part of it is Apple to oranges…

Laptop batteries may be affected mostly by constantly being plugged in but most devices like speakers will not overcharge the battery.

I have a 15 yr old Zune that is still working on the same battery and I still use use it . (Still a good 2 day charge most weeks)

Worst is to store items without checking the battery from time to time.
A total discharge is bad and often fatal.

Thank you for all of your responses :pray:. Now I can happily using this great speaker without being too much worry about the battery life :grin:

After you use it for a bit, you should come back and write us a little review of your experience. It is good to hear different experiences of how others like or dislike parts of a product. Plus sometimes that info goes back to the techs whom will use that to improve the next version.