Need some music to relax?

Sorry I didnt create my usual classical thread for the weekend.
Please apologize! :sweat_smile:

But we have 35C here in München 18:15.
So let’s listen to another kind of music.

Music from Brazil with Joao & Astrid Gilberto and Stan Getz.

You all may know The girl from Ipanema, but there is more.
Like and enjoy it.
May be with a “Caipirinha” :grin:
But take care “Cachaca” is strong.


Very nice. Thank you for sharing. Very relaxing!


Good mix, and thought I recognized stan getz name… yep… jazzy :wink:


I saw Stan (RIP) here in München one year before he passed away.
Great musician.
he was upset when the audience forced him to play “The girl from Ipanema”

But its great!

Thanks for sharing. Always in the mood for some relaxing music! :+1:

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Seems it’s not cold in Munich :grin:
Nice song. Thanks for sharing.

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