New FCC ID Soundcore Mega, Soundcore Trance

Never heard of these models coming

Soundcore Mega, Soundcore Trance


With the word Mega, I bet this will be kinda big LOLOL

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They both popped up in the Soundcore app a few weeks ago, so they should be close to release. The Trance model and specs were shown here;

@ndalby thanks for the lookup on these new speakers.

Yeah, must be BIG hope not a megaphone lol

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Sounds like MEGA is going to sound amazing!

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great find, thanks for sharing @Ice

Nice catchy name-- Trance :slight_smile:

Wondering where the name come from? any ideas?

Read a couple of mixed reviews on the Rave Mini, so will be interesting to see what the Mega & Trance models offer…

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The full size rave is still listed as coming soon on soundcore. This must be a ways out…

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I think @ndalby and @Ice would be good speaker names but they have to do their potential research on the names to make sure there are no negativity to the words.

It was like when the Nova came out. The Spanish meaning was no go or no going.

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Soundcore TRANCE!!!



Trance is a kind of music, may be Soundcore want to choose new names based on genre :wink:

So, genre specific speakers? would that work? how many speakers you are planning to have?

I don’t mind to have that, I will collect royalty and retire…LOL

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The soundcore classical :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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I think some other names based on genre would be Classic, Rock, Pop, Hip-Hop … what say :wink:

I like that SoundCore Classical

SoundCore MathMetal :eyes::eyes: