New Firmware 4.3.2 for Motion x600

There is a new firmware update 4.3.2 for Soundcore Motion x600.
I’m very curious about the improvements.

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Don’t update.
I used to be very happy with my x600, but since I have updated to the 4.3.2 version I want to sell it.
The new firmware had a very flat eq, that means no bass at all. I am a musician and know how to mix the sound. I make you sure that there is no way to make the x600 sounds well. The only you got is a clearest sound without any soul. This is very annoying!

To me it sounds no different. Not sure if it’s because I’m using my own EQ but it still sounds pretty amazing to me.

I run custom EQ, and could not find a way to fix the wet leather being slapped by a dead fish issue everytime I listen to older Rock songs. The drums sounded awful. This really seemed to help. I can jam to Tool on this speaker. Before I would have to switch to the motion Boom. Aim to the Head, Tool, Assia and Gioli, all sound great.

I am listening to other music and there is a certain dullness now. However I am glad the wet fart drums are gone. If only they could fix the odd sound signatures that are makeing me pitch my head like a confused dog. Certain genres were better before it seems like they are trying to find a happy medium. Rock sounds better but now EDM suffers. Still appreciate them trying though.