New firmware 4.3.6 for Motion x600

I updated to 4.3.6 and regret it. The speaker has a fixed place where it sounded massive. Great presence and bass levels. Now, with the same eq preset, or fiddle with eq, nothing I can do. Bass is crappy, almost like phase cancelled.

Changelog said there was just lc-aac codec change/add. But they must have made changes to the sound.

What was your previous firmware? Where it sounded good?

It was the previous version, 4.3.2 I think.

Unfortunately, the manufacturer keeps “messing” with the firmware on this speaker. They often touch the original sound quite seriously.
If, you don’t know him, it’s worth checking out Alan Ross’ X600 tests. You (as an owner) may not like what he says, but in many cases he confirms with measurements what a person with slightly better hearing can hear.
Unfortunately (this is my own opinion) this is not a really good speaker that has been over-hyped.