New generation reviews are available on Youtube

One of my favourite tech reviewers once told he never do earphones/headphones reviews because it’s impossible to show how good is the product. He ment he can’t take video that gives opportunity to viewer to hear sound produced by earphones/headphones.
Because of the same reason I always was sceptical about those reviews. Even you trust reviewer you should keep in mind that your sound preferences and hearing abilities can be totaly different comparing to reviewer’s.

Binaural reviews

I did found some new generation reviews on Youtube recently. Those reviews are called binaural. While recording those reviews reviewers are placing small binaural microphones deep in the ears. This helps to record sound made by device. You should use your headphones to watch such review.
Quality of binaural microphones used for recording and headphones used for watching can affect sound quality, but you can hear sound profile and understand how effective is ANC.
Such reviews are extremely usefull in case of comparison videos.
There are a couple links to binaural reviews on Life Q30 below. Don’t forget to use your headphones/earphones while watching.

What are your impressions about binaural reviews?

  • I am impressed. Will search for binaural reviews in future.
  • Nothing special. Will keep watching traditional reviews.
  • Don’t have headphones/earphones so didn’t watched videos.

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Doing a college tour here soon but interesting concept

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Interesting. Thanks for sharing!

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I remember hearing a video done like this a couple years back and thought it was so cool. For me though sound and listening is still really subjective and not something I think that can be fully explained in a video regardless especially Soundcore products where you can customize the eq to your preference.

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Pretty good videos, sounded crisp and clear.

Took me a bit to realize that it wasn’t my headphones making the sounds when he was changing modes n the Vienna video.

Very cool.
He also seemed a little harsh in the expensive set in the first vid, but I guess if paying near $400 your expectations would be significantly higher too.

I’ll have to see if I can find more.

Great share.


@TheSnarkyOne I was wearing Q30 while watching review and had the same strange feeling :grin:

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A very interesting movie. :clap:
Since I don’t have noise canceling headphones, I could finally hear the “live” transparency mode, ANC working.
Super- thanks for sharing. :grinning:


LOL I will have to check that out with my headset but sadly I am letting my son wear them until he get a new pair of q30 from support.

His got a static issue in the headset. I will say that I could tell something was going on as I know he was starting to complain about some noises we were making that his headset usually filtered out.