New Soundcore logo being used on social media

Don’t know if anyone has moticed, but Soundcore have updated their social media channels with new logo and cover images.

Hope there will be an “update” of this forum as well. :smile:
ANKER’s forum seems to be dead.

But : Those believed dead live longer. :laughing:


Did see it. Unsure how I like the new logo though…

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I’d prefer they focus on engineering, build quality, technology innovation, website, support.

I don’t see a benefit to me as a consumer with budget spent on “look”.

Let’s see them reply to support questions here in an hour 7 days a week.


You know if they use that logo as a D and then use an M for Nebula (I know it is a stretch but stay with me…)

Then they could do have a great media promo. (D-soundcore, R-Roav E-Eufy A-Anker M- Nebula)

:rofl: Their ad can be : We have the products that you DREAM about :rofl:

(if not a good ad maybe it is at least comedy gold :rofl:)


having some admins would be nice , I agree its quiet all around but on a side note I do like the logo lol

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I worry more about the future of this forum then I do about a new logo. It seems like a rudderless ship at the moment.


Same is ANKER’s forum.
Seems they are concentrating on “unsocial media”.
As I am a social person I will NEVER join such ones. :rofl:


Can’t decide if I like it more :thinking:

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I like the typography better, but not sure about the logo itself. Seems less refined.

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I noticed