New Spirit Dot 2 Not Working (Right Side)

Hello. I recently bought Soundcore Spirit Dot 2’s and they got delivered today. When I tried setting them up, they connected easily and both sides turned on. However, only the left earbud is giving out any sound (which is perfect sound btw). The right earbud is switched on but is giving no sound. The touch controls on the right earbud are working fine as well but sadly no sound.

I tried connecting them to multiple devices but same issue. Even tried resetting them by pressing both earbuds in case 5 times and the red light blinked 3 times. But still issue is not resolved. The right side does not give any sound even though it is switched on.

Please help!

make sure when you pared them to your phone that the right earbud gets paired first followed by the left. Also make sure the right earbud is showing connected in bluetooth

You can always try resetting them. Also making sure that they are both charged. I’ve also noticed this is sometimes due to the source I’m playing music on every now and then so try possibly seeing if it works when listening to things on YouTube or Spotify or other sites. If not I would see if it works in mono mode, such as you just take out the right earbud and leave the left one in the case to see if the right earbud by itself will work.

When you turn the earbuds on they make a sound and the lady tells about the battery state (high etc), there is voice on the left earbud but no voice on the right earbud.

Tried these both. No sound on the right earbud. There isn’t even a sound on the right earbud when it is switching on like the left earbud.

Extremely disappointed.

The good news is that customer support is very helpful. Reach out, and they may provide you more troubleshooting tips, and then provide a replacement if necessary.

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I know you said you tried resetting them, but plug the case in and ensure it is charging. Place the earbuds inside the case and close the lid. Wait 30 seconds and then open the lid and tap each earbud 5 times, when the red light flashes 3 times then close the lid. After 20 seconds to connect to spirit dot 2, shortly after you should see a pop-up to connect to spirit dot 2-L. Go ahead and allow that and then make sure in your bluetooth settings that its connected to spirit dot 2 and not the L

I’m am so sorry to hear that!

It sounds like you might have a faulty unit. I would recommend emailing Soundcore support at they might have other ideas at to what to try. If not since you recently bought these earbuds they do come with an 18 month warranty assuming you bought them from an official seller and bought them new. If not I’m sure customer support will also be able to guide you to the next possible steps.

Again I am sorry to hear about your problem and hope it gets resolved soon

Mate they are extremely poor. I bought on Ali Express Anker Official Store and shipped to Pakistan. They say they can’t offer support to Pakistan.

Mate I don’t see the L one separately. So weird. Problem is the right one doesn’t even make any sound on startup… You know like the ting ting ting when you switch them on.

I emailed them 4 days ago. Still waiting for a reply. Can’t believe they take so much time.

Ah. Pakistan is a different story. Official channels in officially supported countries they do well in. The rest of the world I don’t know.