Newbie! Please Help

I bought the Soundcore Mini to use at night/when camping to listen to audible stories and recordings of continuous relaxation music (and to avoid having phone in room/or phone free camping time) I want to use the SD card but can’t seem to get it to play. I’ve tried audible file converters, voice record to record relaxation music and then loaded both onto SD card but nothing happens. Any ideas please. I’m happy to buy new specific SD cards if needed, but I want to feel confident I’ll be able to get it working how I’d like. Thankyou.

Typically this is a format issue of the medium.

Take an older SD card you don’t mind losing contents - format it FAT32 on a Windows device. Try that.

You may have a newer card formatted vFat which is not readable on this.

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I looked a few things on Anker site as I think this device was made pre soundcore community site. Agree with Fat32. @ndalby stated to keep with smaller cards and I think 64 or less was what was being used.


There’s typically no actual upper size limit. The issue is larger tends to be formatted exFat which tends to not work.

I have 128GB works across everything, but I explicitly formatted vFat.

I’d begin with eliminating it is actually vFat, then work on if the mp3 format is acceptable.

I did own the Mini (original) - the issue after making media playing is there is no memory of last track, it begins each time at the beginning.

I would try small cards formatted FAT32.

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