Nice speaker on a budget - would appreciate your suggestions

Hello. My first post here after lurking for a long time. I’m a fan of the anker brand and I have a lot cables, a soundcore spirit X and a q10. I would like to add a speaker to this equation but I have two caveats: I can’t get them from amazon, because it would mean 70+ in shipping handling and fees. I can only get what’s available from Aliexpress.
I’m not sure if the soundcore 3 will be sold there, because it seems interesting and fits my budget (50 dollars). I would wait if I knew it was going to be released there.
Available on Aliexpress within my budget: the flare 1 and flare mini, soundcore mini 3, soundcore 2. I’m going to use the speaker indoors, to listen to music and podcasts. I want something durable and clear sounding, I’m not a basshead. I was torn between the soundcore mini 3 and the soundcore 2, because the first one is very portable and has 360º sound, and the 2 has dual drivers and a great battery. Which one has better/clearer sound?



I have the flare mini and I think it’s a great speaker. The bass on it sounds really nice and I like that it’s waterproof since I like to listen to music while I’m in the shower a lot of speakers I had in the past blew out for some reason just from the steam in the bathroom. Plus I really like the light show that goes with the beat on it :smile:. Not a bad price either !


I would go with the soundcore mini 3. It seems like a really great speaker from what @Chiquinho has said.
Also has the added bonus of eventually getting more speaker that can partycast for more coverage.


That’s a tough choice. I also have a flare mini, and would say it would be my choice. It has great battery life and also sounds great.

My review of the mini is here… [Review] flare mini - pretty good addition

I think @Ashleymarie0617 also did a review recently too…

However, future expansion of speakers, it is only capable of pairing a second one.

The mini 3 is little less power 6w vs 10w on the flare mini, but you can pair up to 100 of the little mini 3s with partycast. And you can also, apparently, pair with other partycast speakers like flare 2.

@chiquinho has both the flare mini and the soundcore mini 3, and perhaps he could offer direct comparison for you.


I can recommend both.:grinning:

But if I have to choose I would go for the Flare mini (TWS) and 360° sound.


Thank you everybody! I guess I’m adding the flare mini to my birthday wish list! I loved your reviews, and also the cute monkeys lol