No difference betwen noice cancellation, normal and transparency mode

Hello, I purchased the new Soundcore Liberty 4 NC headphones. I like the sound and all the functions. But I have a problem with noice cancellation and transparency mode. The thing is, that there is no difference between the modes. I know, that the noice cancellation is not perfect, but there should be some difference between the normal mode and noice cancellation mode. I tried the manual NC as well as adaptive NC. There is no difference. Even if i try the 1-5 levels of manual NC, there is no difference. When I selected environment detection, the app mentioned, that the music should stop for 2 seconds and some kind of beep should appear. But nothing like that happened. It just seems, that I press 3 different buttons (NC, normal, transparency mode), but the headphones do nothing. When you turn on transparency mode, you normally hear a “white noise”, but nothing in here. The same, when you turn on NC, you feel a weird pressure in your ears, but nothing here again. So, that is why I think, that those functions do not work at all. Do you think it could be a firmware problem? (I tried switching the modes in app as well as using the headphones buttons). I have no idea, what to do next.
Help me, please. Thank you, Ondřej Vaněk

It might be the firmware version try updating to the last if you haven’t already. Maybe a reset of the buds might fix this as well. I would contact customer support if this hasn’t been resolved. Soundcore has fine customer support according to many folks. I have the same pair of buds and they work fine. There surely is a difference between the modes when toggling them.