No mic while connected with TRRS 3.5 jack to PC

Hey awesome community and support people,

In the packaging there is a TRS cable included with no mic inline. I have several TRRS cables and tested them with the Q30s, I have audio but no mic support while in wired mode. Is this by design? is the 3.5mm jack not a 4 pole one?

I’m on firmware 1.90 and app says it’s the latest.

What I’ve tried so far, 1) connected the with a TRRS cable to my DELL laptop headset port and I get no mic support, 2) connected with the TRRS to my Android phones and get no mic support, connected with TRRS cable to splitter (3.5mm to green/pink) to PC and still no mic support even though I am selecting headphones for the green port and mic for the pink port through software.

Thanks in advance for your time have a great weekend :slight_smile:

Correct, these are not intended to be AUX mic, they do not host 4 pole socket. You have to buy an inline mic cable to use the headphones for speakers and the cable for mic.

Would be good if they incorporated a 4 pole socket and let the headphones mic be cable used, in future products. I doubt they will however the general trend is away from wired, they’ be probably now focused on bluetooth 5.2 and other forwards-looking wireless technology than backwards-looking wired.

Thank you for your time and answer!

I was kind of expecting it tbh, but also I’m a little hopeful with the inline mic solution as when connected via BT 5.0 to a Windows 10 machine we face the OSs’ limitation of low quality sound when in any kind of communications app. For now I am using a separate external mic, but that is not as portable as just grabbing a pair of headphones.

Windows 10 Bluetooth is a nightmare, it’s mostly due to device drivers and user willing to find a fix for their hardware.

The simplest workaround, which makes Window 10 fans recoil, is use phone for audio and PC for everything else, at least until they find better, so for collaboration you connected twice to meeting.

The issue isn’t really Soundcore but they get detected to use generic drivers which then drags in the problems with quality and microphone.